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Anantapur the largest district in the state, spreads over 19,130-sq-kms. It is bounded on north by Kurnool, on the east by Cuddapah and Chittoor and on the south and west by the Karnataka State. The whole district is known for its silk trade in the modern industry. Lepakshi temple is the famous tourist attraction of this district. Another site worth visiting is Thimmamma Marrimanu, an amazing 550 year old banyan tree that has found mentioned in the Guiness Book of World Records for its enormous size.


Anantapur offers some vivid glimpses of the prehistoric past. It is generally held that the place got its name from 'Anaatasagaram' , a big tank, which means "Endless Ocean". The villages of Anaantasagaram and Bukkarayasamudram were constructed by Chilkkavodeya, the minister of Bukka-I, a Vijayanagar ruler. Some authorities assert that Anaantasagaram was named after Bukka's queen, while some contend that it must have been known after Anantarasa Chikkavodeya himself, as Bukka had no queen by that name.

Anantapur is familiarly known as "Hande Anantapuram" . ' Hande ' means chief of the Vijayanagar period. Anantapur and a few other places were gifted by the Vijayanagar rulers to Hanumappa Naidu of the Hande family. 

The place subsequently came under the Qutub Shahis, Mughals, and the Nawabs of Cuddapah, although the Hande chiefs continued to rule as their subordinates. It was occupied by the Palergar of Bellary during the time of Ramappa but was eventually won back by his son, Siddappa. Morari Rao Ghorpade attacked Anantapur in 1757. Though the army resisted for some time, Siddappa ultimately bought off the enemy for Rs.50,000.

It then came into the possession of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Tipu hanged all the male members of the Siddappa family except Siddappa who escaped from his confinement at Srirangapatnam. After Tipu's death, it was once again taken back by Siddappa. Siddappa submitted himself to Nizam because of the treaty of 1799, who took the total control of the area. He was later pensioned off when British occupied the territory.

Places / Mandals in Anantapur District

  1. Agali
  2. Amadagur
  3. Amarapuram
  4. Anantapur
  5. Atmakur
  6. Bathalapalle
  7. Beluguppa
  8. Bommanahal
  9. Brahmasamudram
  10. Bukkapatnam
  11. Bukkarayasamudram
  12. Chennekothapalle
  13. Chilamathur
  14. D Hirehal
  15. Dharmavaram
  16. Gandlapenta
  17. Garladinne
  18. Gooty
  19. Gorantla
  20. Gudibanda
  21. Gummagatta
  22. Guntakal
  23. Hindupur
  24. Kadiri
  25. Kalyandrug
  26. Kambadur
  27. Kanaganapalle
  28. Kanekal
  29. Kothacheruvu
  30. Kudair
  31. Kundurpi
  32. Lepakshi
  33. Madakasira
  34. Mudigubba
  35. Nallacheruvu
  36. Nallamada
  37. Nambulapulikunta
  38. Narpala
  39. Obuladevarecheruvu
  40. Pamidi
  41. Parigi
  42. Peddapappur
  43. Peddavadugur
  44. Penukonda
  45. Putlur
  46. Puttaparthi
  47. Ramagiri
  48. Raptadu
  49. Rayadurg
  50. Roddam
  51. Rolla
  52. Settur
  53. Singanamala
  54. Somandepalle
  55. Tadimarri
  56. Tadipatri
  57. Talupula
  58. Tanakal
  59. Uravakonda
  60. Vajrakarur
  61. Vidapanakal
  62. Yadiki
  63. Yellanur

Colleges in Ananthapur District

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