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Karimnagar district is bounded by Warangal and Medak districts in the South, Nizamabad district in the West, Madhya Pradesh state in the east and Adilabad district in the North directions.

The name Karimnagar is derived from Syed Karimuddin, a Quiladar. It is known for Vedic learning from ancient times. Karimnagar is located at a distance of 165 Km from Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. It is rich in Natural Resources. The river Godavari adds to the beauty of this place. Many large scale companies like NTPC, Kesoram Cements, Ramagundam-singareni collieries etc. are located in and around Karimnagar. Holy places like Vemulawada, Dharmapuri, Kaleshwaram, KondaGattu etc. are present in Karimnagar district. The locals specialise in Silver Filigree, a delicate form of metal work. Shivaram wildlife sanctuary is located at 80km from here. It harbours Marsh Crocodiles of river Godavari, Panthers, Sloth Bears, Black Buck, Cheetal, Python and Langoor. It is a 137sq. km riverine forest mixed with teak and terminalia.

The history of the Karimnagar district starts from the Old Stone Age i.e. from 1,48,000 BC. It is evident from the tools, culture and other materials found at different places in Karimnagar. The exhaustions at Pedda Bonkur, Dhollikatte and Kotilingalu are evidences for history. From these evidences it is concluded that Karimnagar is ruled by Shathavahanas. After Shathavahanas Mourya Kings, Asafzalu Kings ruled over Karimnagar. The buildings, constructions made by these kings are today remarkable evidences of the history. 


This pictureque spot, surrounded by thick forests is located 130 Kms from Karimnagar, 32 Kms from Manthani and lies on the confluence of the River Pranahitha and the River Godavari.

The ancient temple dedicated to Mukteshwara swamy is of special significance as two Shivalinga's are found on a single pedestal. Besides several temples situated here the one dedicated to Brahma is rather uncommon. 

Vemulawada - Rajarajeshawara Temple 

Located 38 kms from Karimnagar, at Vemulawada is the famous temple dedicated to Lord Rajarajeshwara swamy which draws pilgrims from far. Built by Chaluka Kings between the 750 A.D. & 975 A.D., the complex houses several temples dedicated to deities like Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Goddess Lakshmi, Ganapathy and Lord Padmanabha Swamy. Another interesting temple is dedicated to Lord Bhimeshwara. 

There are a number of open galleries in the complex that are worth seeing; especially the Mirror gallery (Addala Mantapa) and a corridor with a number of Shiva idols. The tank at the temple, called Dhrama Kundam, by itself is a place of tourist interest since its believed that the water has curative properties. Pilgrims first bathe in this tank & then proceed for darshan.

Interestingly there is a Muslim Dargah inside the temple complex where all devotees irrespective of caste or creed offer prayers. 

Kondagattu - Lord Anjaneya Temple

About 35Kms from Karimnagar is this breathtaking temple of Lord Anjaneya Swamy. Situated amidst hills, valleys & water springs Kondagattu is blessed by nature and very scenic. According to the folklore, the temple was constructed by a cowherd some 300 years ago. The present day temple has been built 160 years ago by Krishna Rao Deshmukh. It is believed that if a women offers puja for 40 days at this temple then she will be blessed with a child. 

Apart from the temple, the fort of Kondalaraya & Bojjapotana caves are worth seeing at Kondagattu. 

Elgandal - Khilla & Dho Minar 

Located 15 Kms from Karimnagar town, Elgandal was the the District capital under sthe Nizams (till abt 1948). 

The Elgandal Khilla is is about 25 sq. Km. and at a height apporximately equal to Hyderabad Golkonda Killa. The has facilities like Raja Mandir, Fight room, Store Room, many Phirangi places, Well, Bathing room as well as LaxmiNarasimha temple.

DoMinar built by by Muslim kings (Nizams), has two tall pilars and the hight of the pillars is approximately equal to that of Hyderabad Charminar.

Places / Mandals in Karimnagar District

  1. Bejjanki
  2. Bheemadevarpalle
  3. Boinpalle
  4. Chandurthi
  5. Chigurumamidi
  6. Choppadandi
  7. Dharmapuri
  8. Dharmaram
  9. Eligaid
  10. Elkathurthi
  11. Ellanthakunta
  12. Gambhiraopet
  13. Gangadhara
  14. Gollapalle
  15. Husnabad
  16. Huzurabad
  17. Ibrahimpatnam
  18. Jagtial
  19. Jagtial
  20. Julapalle
  21. Kamalapur
  22. Kamanpur
  23. Karimnagar
  24. Kataram
  25. Kathlapur
  26. Kesavapatnam
  27. Kodimial
  28. Koheda
  29. Konaraopeta
  30. Koratla
  31. Mahadevpur
  32. Malhar Rao
  33. Mallapur
  34. Mallial
  35. Manakondur
  36. Manthani
  37. Medipalle
  38. Metpalle
  39. Mustabad
  40. Mutharam Mahadevpur
  41. Mutharam Manthani
  42. Odela
  43. Peddapalle
  44. Pegadapalle
  45. Raikal
  46. Ramadugu
  47. Ramagundam
  48. Saidapur
  49. Sarangapur
  50. Sirsilla
  51. Srirampur
  52. Sultanabad
  53. Thimmapur Lmd
  54. Veenavanka
  55. Velgatoor
  56. Vemulawada
  57. Yellareddipeta

Colleges in Karimnagar District

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