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Ongole district, originally constituted on 2nd February 1970, out of Nellore, Kurnool and Guntur Districts, was renamed as Prakasam (12-5-1972) in memory of the great patriot and Andhra Leader, Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu , also known as Andhra Kesari (Lion of Andhra ) who was born in Kanuparthi village of this district. It was carved out of three taluks of Guntur District, i.e. Addanki, Chirala and Ongole, four taluks of Nellore district, i.e. Kandukur, Kanigiri, Podili and Darsi and two taluks i.e. Markapur and Giddalur of Kurnool district. It is one of the nine coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Prakasam district occupies an area of 17626 sq. kms. It is the largest in area among the coastal districts. This district lies between 15 30 and 16 north latitude and between 79 and 80 east longitude. It is bounded on the north by Guntur and Mahboobnagar Districts, on the south by Cuddapah and Nellore Districts, on the east by the Bay of Bengal and on the west by Kurnool District. The district headquarters is located at Ongole.


The history of Prakasam (Ongole) district, goes back to the rule of the Mauryas.There is no doubt about the rule of later Satavahanas over this area, for an inscription of Gautamiputra Satakarni, dated in his 27th regional year was noticed at Chinaganjam, in Chirala taluk of this district. A good nuber of Roman Gold coins were recovered from Darsi area. Next, it was under the rule of the Ikshvakus, Eastern Chalukyas and Kakathiyas. During the Kakathiya rule, Motupathi served as sea port. It was visited by the Italian traveller marco Polo.It also served as a busy port during the Reddy period. This district was under the rule of the Vijayanagara and Ganapathi of Orissa for a considerable period durinmg the 15th and 16th century A D. 

The Saluvas ruled over the Podili area in the 15th century AD with their capital at Podili. A few inscriptions and the kaifayat of Podili form the sources of their history. The rule of the Saluvas of Podili ended with Elugu Rayudu. Their territory was appropriated among the Gajapatis and the Rajas of Vijayanagara.

There are two inscriptions at Cumbum is Bestavaripeta taluk, dated AD 1706 and AD 1729. The first one refers to the death of one Khaja Mohammed Sherieff who was the Qiladar of Cumbum fort during the reign of Aurangazeb. The second refers to one Mohammed Sahin, son of Mohammed Khayum governor of Cumbum during the time of Mohammed Shah.

Under the Mughal rule it formed a part of the Golkonda province, one of the six provinces into which the Deccan subah was sub-divided.

The next dynasty to rule over the district was the Asaf Jahis. During Nizam-Ul-Mulk , the Deccan Subah comprised five Nawabs , one of which was Kurnool. Nellore and Guntur Districts from which certain taluks were taken away to constitute the present Prakasam district were under the Nawabs of Arcot and Rajahmundry. In 1801 AD the English acquired complete authority over the three districts from which the present Prakasam district was carved out.

The people of this district contributed their due share to the growth of the Indian National Congress. The non-co-operation movement in 1920 shows the district setting with political turmoil. After the all India congress committee meeting was over, Gandhiji traveled some of the coastal districts and spread the message of nationalism. The boycott of courts by lawyers met with, a slightly better response in favour of civil disobedience and no tax campaign. Among those who suspended their practicing professions and who dedicated themselves to the cause of the country’s freedom were some of the top ranking lawyers, with late Sri T. Prakasam leading them all.


Chennakesavaswamy Temple: This 18th Century temple has a beautifully sculptured idol of Chennakesava with his consort Lakshmi. 

Kasivisweswaraswamy shrine: Situated next to the Chennakesavaswamy Temple, this shrine is famous for its Addala Mandapam which was considred in 1945. 

Bhairava Konda: The ancient temple of the eight-faced Durga-Bhairavaswamy, is located in the midst of thick forest and picturesque surroundins. The sculpture in this temple has been carved out of a single rock. The 60 metre high waterfall near the temple adds to the beauty of the surroundings. 

Malakonda (6 km from Chundi): The temple of Malayadri Lakshminarasimhasamy is on a hillockthat is in the midst of thick forest and delightful country. 

Manikeswaram (32 km): The mandukeswaraswamy Temple on the slope of a hill was built by a Chola king. The Gundakamma River flow by the hill. 

Markapur: The Chennakesavaswamy shrin here has a beautiful 40 pillar mantapam and magnificent sculptured gopurams. The Kalyana Mandapam in this temple has six musical pillars that produces the seven musical notes when tapped. 

Motupalle: Motupalle is an ancient sea port, which florished under various dynasties, from the 1st Century AD. Traces of Buddhist stupas and sculpture may be seen here.

Places / Mandals in Prakasam District

  1. Addanki
  2. Ardhaveedu
  3. Ballikurava
  4. Bestawaripeta
  5. Chandra Sekhara Puram
  6. Chimakurthi
  7. Chinaganjam
  8. Chirala
  9. Cumbum
  10. Darsi
  11. Donakonda
  12. Dornala
  13. Giddaluru
  14. Gudluru
  15. Hanumanthuni Padu
  16. Inkollu
  17. Janakavaram Ponguluru
  18. Kandukur
  19. Kanigiri
  20. Karamchedu
  21. Komarolu
  22. Konakanamitta
  23. Kondapi
  24. Korisapadu
  25. Kotha Patnam
  26. Kurichedu
  27. Lingasamudram
  28. Maddipadu
  29. Markapur
  30. Marripudi
  31. Martur
  32. Mundlamuru
  33. Naguluppala Padu
  34. Ongole
  35. Pamur
  36. Parchur
  37. Peda Araveedu
  38. Pedacherlo Palle
  39. Podili
  40. Ponnaluru
  41. Pullalacheruvu
  42. Racherla
  43. Santhamaguluru
  44. Santhanuthala Padu
  45. Singarayakonda
  46. Tangutur
  47. Tarlupadu
  48. Thallur
  49. Tripuranthakam
  50. Ulavapadu
  51. Veligandla
  52. Vetapalem
  53. Voletivari Palem
  54. Yeddanapudi
  55. Yerragondapalem
  56. Zarugumilli

Colleges in Prakasam District

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