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Once you have performed a self-assessment test and identified what is important to you in an academic programme, the next step is looking for specific schools that address your needs. So how do you select the one that suits you? What specific information should you look for and why? What sources should you use?

Here are a few steps in the pre application process which you should consider:

Selection Of College

This is the first and the most toughest part of the pre-application process. However through proper research this daunting task can be made simpler. This is how you can go about it:

Select at least eight colleges that match your requirements and goals. Out of these two should be your dream colleges - one which you have always wanted to be apart of. Select four colleges where you have 50-50 chances of getting admission. The last two choices will include sure bet colleges - where you have 100 per cent chances of getting in.
You can select schools on the bases of:

  • Research on the world wide web
  • Printed materials
  • Rankings
  • Accreditation
  • Study Abroad Counselors
  • Current Students and Alumni
  • Friends and relatives
  • Human resource professionals


Choose a college which has a wide variety of majors, its easier to switch fields or even opt for a dual major. Most colleges require a good academic record. 


Here the focus should be on the international student office and the facilities provided by it.   Facilities could include guidance in career planning, recruitment services, health care, recreation, campus security services and cafeteria facilities.


To be able to choose a programme that suits you most you need to align your goals (educational, career, and personal) with programmes that have corresponding strengths. It is in your best interests to look beyond schools' marketing messages.

Your challenge is to be very discriminating in your evaluation of the information presented to you. As you compare schools, you should constantly judge their offerings against what you need and want from a  programme. Remember that in a competitive application process, you must use your personal judgment to determine which schools are worth your investment of time and money.

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